English Language Arts (ELA)

Dr. Thomas P. Moss
Supervisor of English, Reading, and Library
Phone: 516-733-2147 (8:00 AM -- 4:00 PM)
Monday through Friday (messages at other times)
Fax: 516-733-6584 
(be sure to include cover sheet marked "Attention: Dr. Moss")

ELA Communication skills are vital in facing the challenge of higher education, future employment, and the demands of life in a changing world. The development of reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills begins in the early years and continues through each child's school career. Innovative methods of instruction and an interdisciplinary approach encourage each child to think compose, and express ideas using clear and vivid language. The training of teachers in instructional strategies and diagnostic skills to improve instruction and performance in writing has been a priority according to the goals set by administration and the Board of Education.

The district's exemplary elementary reading program is threefold. We utilize the Common Core-based Reading Street program from Pearson Education, trade books (novels), and content subject areas to teach the development of literacy skills. The district has set goals and trained staff to meet the English Language Arts Standards set by the State Education Department.

Libraries throughout the district have been upgraded to include modern technology. The addition of computers and educational software offers students the opportunities to broaden their learning as well as technical skill development. The High School and Middle School libraries have been automated and provide students with access to research on the Internet and through carefully selected databases.