Dr. Thomas P. Moss
Supervisor of English, Reading, and Library
Phone: 516-733-2147 (8:00 AM -- 4:00 PM)
Monday through Friday (messages at other times)
Fax: 516-733-6584 
(be sure to include cover sheet marked "Attention: Dr. Moss")

In addition to literacy instruction in classrooms, reading services are offered in each elementary school (grades 1-5) and in the middle school (grades 6-8). Students who have demonstrated a need for extra attention and practice in reading based on their performance on assessments provided by Northwest Evaluation Association are provided with reading services in smaller groups that allow for more individualized attention to reading and additional time on-task to practice skills. Classes at the elementary level meet 3-5 times per week; at the middle school, reading classes meet on alternating days throughout the school year.