Drivers Education

REV: 07/09

Hicksville High School

Driver Education


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who may enroll?

a. Residents of Hicksville Public Schools (geographic boundaries).

b. Students 16 years of age and older with a valid New York State Learner's Permit.

c. There are no limitations on the number of students who may register and participate in the program.

2. Are there any other requirements/pre-requisites?

a. All students must possess a current Learner's Permit, before first class.

b. A parent/guardian and student must attend a mandatory meeting (TBA)***

3. What is the course?

a. New York State Education Department approved and recognized by NYS Department of Motor Vehicle (semester course).

b. Fall Semester (Sept.-Jan.), Spring Semester (Feb.-June) or Summer Session (July - August).

c. 24 hours of classroom instruction.

d. 24 hours of in-car sessions, (six of which are behind the wheel).

4. When are classes conducted? Students preference considered whenever possible, no guarantees.

a. AM before school - lecture and car lessons

b. PM after school - lecture and car lessons

c. Saturdays (car lessons only)

5. Who teaches the course?

a. East Meadow Driving School located at 2900 Hempstead Tpke., Levittown, 17756,

Phone # 516-735-0217 or email-

6. What will the successful student receive?

a. Pre-licensing MV-278 (5-hour) certificate that allows you to schedule a road test.

b. Certificate of Completion that allows you to obtain a license at age 17, and may qualify for auto insurance discounts.

7. How to enroll/Registration Guidelines: No exceptions!

a. Fully complete the application form available from Hicksville High School Guidance Office in September. Read and review all information and have parent/guardian sign


b. Return the completed application form during the week of September 14th during times announced and posted at Hicksville High School with all information and signatures requested.

8. Are there any fees?

a. Yes, $435 (subject to change) as a check payable to Hicksville UFSD

b. Return the completed application form and check or cash during the week of September 14

th during times announced and posted at Hicksville High School.

9. Where will the course be offered?

a. Classroom instruction at Hicksville High School in room 157

b. In-car instruction will begin at Hicksville High School, and utilize local roads and parkways.

c. Following registration lecture and driving schedules posted at

10. Other Questions?

Feel free to call Mr. Calarco, Director of Physical Education, Athletics, Health, Driver Education & Summer Recreation at 516-733-2245 and/or the East Meadow Driving School at 516-735-0217. You may also email the driving school directly at: with any questions.