Hicksville Women Visit SUNY Stony Brook

Hicksville Women Visit SUNY Stony Brook
Posted on 12/07/2018
Stony Brook
On Thursday, December 6, 2018, 32 young women from Hicksville High School, were able to attend a day of seminars at Stony Brook University. These seminars included a discussion of the Women in Science and Engineering Program, a unique specialized program at Stony Brook University that cultivates the experience of women in STEM fields, and a panel discussion that included research, science communication and women/other under represented groups in STEM fields. They were also presented with the opportunity to build a circuit that would illuminate a bulb to enhance a painted image. The day concluded with a lunch and research discussion opportunity. A fun and informative day was had by all.  We are looking forward to returning to Stony Brook in the future for similar opportunities.

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