Robotics Team Wins Invitational Competition

Robotics Team Wins Invitational Competition
Posted on 11/19/2019

Congratulations to Hicksville High School’s Robotics Team, the J-Birds, for winning First Place at the Half Hollow Hills Invitational Robotics Competition in Dix Hills held on November 2, 2019!

J-Bird driver Kevin Diaz and operator Aditya Khatri controlled the team’s robot during the matches, while Sam Zhen provided the robot with game pieces during the match. The object of the game at the competition was to place the game pieces onto one of the tall rockets on the side of the field or the cargo ship in the middle. The two game pieces were “Hatches,” flat panels with Velcro borders, and “Cargo,” which were large, inflated, orange balls. Cargo was supposed to be put in the rocket or cargo ship bays, and hatches were used to block the open holes through which the ball could fall through. Points were received for all of these actions, along with lifting the robot to different platform levels at the end of the match.

The robot itself was the same student-built machine used during last year’s season, with which the team won the Long Island Regional Championship and qualified for the World Championship. Improvements were made in the weeks leading up to this month’s invitational by the J-Birds. Technician Sean Zhen and other team members helped with quick repairs of robots in between the matches. Leading the scouting from the stands was Jesse Kohli and his group of scouters, who helped provide the robot driver and operator with information about opposing teams, an integral part of success in the competition.

Overall, the team’s effort during their preparation and during the competition itself was an illustration of the effort and dedication required to be successful in this activity, along with introducing many new team members to the basics of the activity. The J-Birds now seek to continue their streak of success with another amazing season this year. Go J-Birds!

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Hicksville High School’s “J-Birds” captured First Place at the Half Hollow Hills Invitational Robotics Competition.