Message From Our Principal

Message From Our Principal

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome back to a building in transition, many exciting changes have been initiated this summer. Great strides in the goal of having a climate controlled building for all students and staff have been made. Our cafeteria payment plan and physical environment have been renovated, streamlined and updated.  Our auditorium’s renovation is expected to be completed mid-year. Students will be entering an environment designed for their safety, academic, social, and technological growth in an atmosphere that challenges them to be the best they can be.

I look forward to meeting you at Back-to-School Night on September 26th, our homecoming on October 12th, and PTSA meetings on the second Thursday of each month. Your interest in the life of the high school communicates the importance of these years to your student. Please use Parent Connect to keep yourself informed of your student’s progress. Sign up for Parent Connect by visiting our website,  and clicking on the icon that says PowerSchoolDo not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher(s) with any concerns; the goal is to help your child succeed. You may reach your child’s teachers via email. Teacher e-mail addresses follow a first initial and full last name pattern; (Mr. John Smith would be however, exceptions do occur. Visit your child’s school webpage where you will find a link to all teacher email addresses under the link "Faculty and Staff Directory." 

Students must finish and pass all courses to meet specific graduation requirements as outlined in the Course of Studies Catalog, student agenda, and the high school page of the district’s website at The district website and student agenda are excellent sources of information and include important documents. Policies and procedures are outlined in the student agenda, and some of these can also be found on the website. Student Agenda books are given out to students during the third week of school. Policies that can be found in these sources are the Attendance Policy and District Code of Conduct.

All students are expected to carry their ID cards at all times.  Exiting the building during lunch periods is a privilege for seniors in good standing. A current school ID card must be displayed daily in order to exit for senior lunch. Any student attempting to leave the building during the school day without proper clearance will be firmly reprimanded via the code of conduct. Appropriate conduct and dress, as outlined in the District’s Code of Conduct, are expected in school at all times. This includes showing due respect to other persons and property. Personal items must be secured at all times in a school provided hallway locker or gymnasium locker. Hats, headphones, and cell phones are not permitted during school hours, and may be confiscated and returned only to a parent.  Loitering on school grounds is strictly prohibited.  Only those students with official school business will be permitted to remain on school grounds at the end of the school day.

My staff and I take great pride in the role we each play in interacting with and preparing your children for the world beyond Hicksville High School. It is our goal that they leave Hicksville High School with positive self-esteem, pride in themselves and a sound academic foundation.            


Mr. Raymond A. Williams         
Hicksville High School