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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Financial Aid Night
Presented by Ms. Ericka Follick
September 26, 2023 
Hicksville High School

Financial Aid Presentation 

Financial Aid Night Presentation.pdf

Due to COVID-19, almost 44% of students worry about their ability to enroll or stay enrolled in college. This astonishing statistic is due to the uncertainty that comes with campus closures, high levels of nationwide unemployment, and the unknown of when coronavirus will truly blow over and life will return to normalcy.

Our team at wanted to reach out and share our $1000 scholarship that is offered to online student applicants biannually. We believe that by sharing this resource with students that look to you for reliable information, we will be able to help alleviate some of the stress that future college students may be feeling about their future ability to attend university.

Scholarship Application Page:


For your convenience we are continuously updating and adding scholarships to this list. In the meantime, please check the websites listed above for the most up to date information. Please keep in mind that there are thousands of scholarship opportunities available to students, therefore this list should be utilized as one resource amongst the many others out there.

***For all scholarships, if you need anything from the Guidance office, you need to request items at least two weeks before the deadline***

Scholarship Newsletter

It is important to research scholarships and financial aid as soon as possible as they can play an important role in the college selection process. In some cases the earlier a student applies for a scholarship or financial aid, the more money they may be eligible for. Below is a list of useful websites which will make the scholarship and financial aid research process a less daunting task. The websites contain information on financial aid as well as various methods of researching and applying for scholarships. Students are encouraged to visit the high school Career Center for further information regarding scholarship offerings.

Financial Aid Presentation
This presentation thoroughly goes over the Financial Aid Process

Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is the Financial Aid Form that is required to be filled out in order to receive need based money in the form of grants and/or loans.

Search for scholarships based on your own specifications.

Career Zone Scholarship List
A comprehensive list of scholarships compiled by Career Zone.
Scholarship search, college search, college recruiting

College Board Scholarship Search
A scholarship search provided by the College Board.

Latino College Dollars
Scholarships for America's Latino Students

Affordable Colleges Online
Affordable College Scholarships

Scholarship program for low-income students who want to attend some of the nation's top colleges.

Adventures in Education
Financial aid information, scholarship search, budgeting information, finance tools, calculators and money management tips.

Go College
Financial aid and scholarship information.

Information for international students who want to study in the U.S.